England beat Germany all the main bench

Wembley stadium sky boos rang out again , sits at home in the Three Lions face old enemies Germany and again lost. England fans disappointed, black friday deals Hodgson almost all on hand to catch strongman can discharge the stadium , but the face is almost played off the bench in Germany , but still no way to win , black friday NFL jerseys perhaps, this is the strength of the gap in Germany , England true reflection .

" Daily Mail" disappointed after the game reviews said: " England since 1993 , losing the first two games in a row and we did not even kick the center black friday online of the box hit the target ." "The Sun" also comments on the road : " Mohammed Sark destroyed a part of the England of the night, "and echoed in the sky Wembley boos black friday NHL jerseys also confirms the England fans for this loss how disappointed.

Take a look at both sides of the lineup , you may be able to understand the reasons for England fans frustrated . With 0-2 loss to Chile on a different war , black friday deals overwhelmed the Three Lions in the starting lineup made ​​up nine positions to adjust , remove Rooney and La Lana , the other nine locations starting to convert all people . The contrast of the starting lineup two games is not difficult to see that Hodgson will be the real core of England players were all placed in the game, Steven Gerrard , Joe - Hart , Walker , Townsend , Sturridge , etc. are England squad is now the main players at each position .

By comparison, the German team , Loew 's team is clearly the " superior race" are ranked in the one before the war with Italy , Neuer , Lahm , Hummels , Muller , Ozil and other key players did not play. Before the game, Xu Earle some ridicule , said : "If Wayne Rooney in the German team ,black friday online I'm not sure whether he can play on the game ." Although this phrase as a joke , but really to a certain extent, the reaction of England 's position in the German mind apparently Loew's team did not put the Three Lions when the dish . Therefore, said the Wembley game is played in black friday NBA jerseys England almost all the main German lineup can not be overemphasized . But is such a situation , the England still lost by 0-1 , this is undoubtedly so England fans disappointed for the team in the World Cup is also more pessimistic about the prospects .

In Britain and Germany before World War II , the British media took the game that defined for the 2010 World Cup defeat of revenge , which is why the play closed Gerrard will have to forcibly appearance. And Lampard said in an interview it is publicly known so far in South Africa black friday sales 2013 World Cup defeat against him are still shadows. He said: " Unfortunately, the game has changed the entire process of a miscarriage of justice , if the score is 2-2 then it would black friday MLB jerseys be an entirely different way, the end result let us crash , causing it gives everyone a shadow ." leaders from two of England 's actions and attitude is easy to see England on the importance of the game .

Manager Roy 2013 black friday jerseys Hodgson at the end of the interview, had openly said: " I ​​think England and Germany as well, I am sure we will have a good performance in Brazil ." But it turns out , Hodgson 's argument is simply not stand feet. Take a look at the game statistics after the game , the most prominent is shot in England embarrassing number of data , according to " Sky Sports " statistics , the German team the whole game completed a total of 10 -foot shot , which hit the goal within five , while in England the audience only five shots, and no one hit the goal goals or less. black friday sales 2013 In Germany in front of the "European Chinese team" spectacle quite make out the meaning . In several other critical data , England also fell under the wind, possession rate reached 55.2 percent in Germany , and England only 44.8% . Total number of passes , the Loew's team of 614 times, while Hodgson 's team only 473 times. This can also be reflected in the German team before the England team in the ability to control the significant gaps.

Although before wantonly as "2013 black friday jerseys revenge " rally , despite Hodgson now almost discharged under the command of the strongest line-up, but the face of the power of the bench in Germany , England still can not win the victory, and this house is also really another defeat three Lions let out an ugly, the first time in nearly 20 years straight , nearly 36 years of home losing streak for the first time , England was once again humiliated rival Germany .