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British Foot mortgage England squad gang rampage: London VS Manchester United

Do not bet unhappy

A retired former England international has been the initiative to contact "The Guardian" , open "secret player" column in the newspaper , then he will own article cheap soccer jerseys on the column assembled into a book published in the book of the same name , in this book , the mystery of Premiership players uncovered many unknown secrets of football , in which he talked about the gambling . From his description , the England players gambling serious than imagined . cheap authentic soccer jerseys Dupai between the players , the most popular is Texas Hold'em, almost every club , national team players will participate in the project . "Secret player" wrote his first call to get the national team , when the team arrived at the station Grove Hotel , the team found a significant cliques - Black Gang, London and Manchester to help their own way to help . But this is not the best place to his surprise , cheap soccer jerseys from china in the evening , the players began playing poker in the hotel lobby , take the money at stake , the big bet up to thousands of pounds ! Sometimes, winners losers will directly buy a luxury watch "debt ."

In the "secret player" who played for a club captain gambling, sometimes he makes an attendant - youth team players took the cash to buy a lottery betting point for him . cheap soccer jerseys On one occasion, he gave it the name of the ball. 3,000 to bet , but then took only 30 pounds a child apprentice wages to catch the bus in time to miss the time , so there is no time for him to bet . Throughout the weekend , the youth team players are scared in their own homes , because if Win , young players return to the training ground on Monday , should give the captain back 10,005 one thousand pounds in prize money ! Fortunately, the last captain lost the bet , youth team players the money " for themselves ." cheap authentic soccer jerseys Another club "secret player" played , there is a middleman and players are very familiar with the training ground will come to collect the player 's gambling , go to your local gaming companies for the players who wager . So I do not need players to come forward , there are middlemen whom do it naturally . Of course, this " secret player" has retired, so these scenes generally occurred in the last century and the 1990s, a few years after 2000 , but now the popular Internet betting , the players gamble but more space. England have a lot of players are addicted to gambling addiction, soccer jerseys cheap David - Bentley because gambling career achievement was flat, according to his own description , he opened his eyes first thing every morning betting crazy when he one day to the next more than 100 single . German slugger Harman also famous gambler , he admitted that there was one day, he bet a cricket field to score under the 300,000 single ! In addition, Etherington , Gillespie , a former Arsenal midfielder Paul o Mawson is well-known gambler.

God's gambling regulations

In Ledixiai published autobiography, soccer jerseys cheap the talented striker initial public through their own participation in gambling. He recalls, " 90s of last century single bets just starting to become popular , this is a new idea that allows players to bet anything , such as the final score , or a foul ball first time ," said Ledixiai : "There was a lot of room for us to make money ( Southampton ) have relegation worries , and in that year on April 17 , cheap team soccer jerseys we guest Wimbledon , because there was a televised game , betting options so very much. obviously , I'm certainly not going to do things that affect the results of the competition , but I think a little money betting on the first time the throw harmless . "

Ledixiai subsequently cheap soccer jerseys disclosed the Premiership players Candu way - "I have a teammate , he has some friends opened a betting account , they help us down the note ." Today, the popular Internet betting , players will only make anonymous way more likely to gamble . But Ledixiai plan eventually fell through , " Our plan is to first get the ball to put the ball kicked out of bounds, then we can make money 56 times ! Very simple thing , just started all goes well, the ball after the kick-off soon gave me, I have to do is Bigfoot out of bounds on the line, I passed the ball to left winger Neil , cheap team soccer jerseys but because the game was broadcast live and I do not want to be too obvious, or made to be like is a poor ball control fool , so I wanted to try to pass the ball just over his head , but too nervous, my feet did not control , I do not know why Neil , even struggling header one did not let the ball out of bounds ! "

The game continues , soccer jerseys cheap the subsequent half a minute are trying to grab the ball back, if not more than 75 seconds the ball out of bounds it means to lose all the bets . Finally, when the race to 70 seconds when Ledixiai finally kicked the ball up the sideline , " but since then I no longer want to manipulate the game 's single bet ! " Originally thought to tell a joke, harmless . But the police then please Ledixiai assist in the investigation - regardless of whether the consequences of this incident affected the results of the competition , any form of match-fixing is illegal . cheap soccer jerseys from china The recent strengthening of the anti- England football gambling regulations expressly provide that any players and their families should be involved in all of the players involved in the game have bet . But because many Candu way , the players can do Candu mysteriously . Ferguson wrote the first autobiography in 1989 /1990 season, the story of Manchester United in the FA Cup , the year the Red Devils at Maine Road stadium 1:5 defeat to Manchester City , cheap soccer jerseys free shipping Sir Alex Ferguson is facing class. But in January 1990 , Manchester United led the team to a guest before kick Nottingham Forest FA Cup , the whole club down full of inexplicable confidence, business manager McGregor even as he and Ferguson together to buy a single bet Manchester United win and eventually win the next game , the odds of 16 / 1. Ferguson joked , " I'll remember this the biggest win a bet ! " Even Sir Alex Ferguson and Ledixiai are Candu , who would promise that there would be no gambling Premiership star ? !